A FREE Online Software for Easy Re-Sizing Digital Images

A FREE Online Software for Easy Re-Sizing Digital Images

I do not often need to re-size pictures, and that is the reason why it always had taken me hours each time when I had to re-size a picture.

Last week I needed that feature again. Our firm has received a legal award, because of our activities in 2019, and for including the award logo into my email signature, I needed to re-size the digital award image file.

There is a FREE online software that can do the same job of re-sizing a digital image in minutes: resizeimage.net

No more installing programs on your computer, no more learning curve, no help needed.

Just access the webpage and upload your raw image. Then crop that part of the image that you want to re-size into a new image, select from a few options, and download the re-sized image.

Then include the re-sized image into your email signature, using the snipping tool.

The same works if you need a 16×16 pixel favicon for your webpage, or a profile photo of a specific pixel size for a social media platform.

resizeimage.net/ is a marvellous piece of software!

Here is a short screencast about using https://resizeimage.net/. In only six minutes you are good to go.



Martin “Easy Re-Size” Schweiger

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