A.I. Can Increase Your Billable Worktime – Without Cheating

A.I. Can Increase Your Billable Worktime – Without Cheating

You know that I am a big supporter of technology in our firm.

And I have written about the WiseTime software before (click here and here).

WiseTime does a great job in our firm for digging out those Golden Nuggets that increase my billable worktime by 2 hours per week. And that makes a significant difference in our firm’s billing. Without guessing, cheating or working more. Because I often forget to clock my billable worktime.

The WiseTime people have compiled a short booklet with ideas on how to increase your billable work time. Download it here: bit.ly/WiseTime

If this link does not work anymore then you can download the booklet here: WIS_Billable-Hours-Guide

Call to Action

Download the WiseTime booklet now and flick through it.

Then sign up at WiseTime.com for a free test month.

Don´t wait, do it now.


Now that was a short and efficient “Tip of the Week”.

Martin “efficacious” Schweiger


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