An Important Feature Of My Website: The Notification Bell

An Important Feature Of My Website: The Notification Bell

You find a Notification Bell icon on the top bar, on the right. The Notification Bell works both on desktop and on mobile devices.

The Notification Bell displays a red bullet when a new notification is created for the user. It also shows the total number of unread notifications.

When the user clicks on the Notification Bell icon, a drop-down list with the notifications is displayed.

If the user clicks on a notification item, it opens the related Forum post, and the notification is marked as read.

If the user clicks on a notification that shows the total number of unread notifications, it opens the Notification history list. In the Notifications history, the user can do various bulk operations like marking the notifications as read or delete them.

There are the following notification types:
– For Administrators and Moderators of the forum, notifications are created for every new topic or post.
– When someone replies to a topic created by the user.
– For the forum subscribers, notifications are created for new topics or every new post in that forum (only if the user is not the topic author or the author of the post)
– For the topic subscribers, notifications are created for every new post in that topic (only if the user is not the topic author or the author of the post)
– When someone mentions the user in a post, a dedicated notification is created.

And this is the rationale behind that Notification Bell

The  “Notification Bell” feature makes it easier for logged-in members to follow up movements in the Q&A forums on my website.

This is what Dr. Gary North writes about the Q&A forums on his website (click here). The same applies to my website:

Notice to all new subscribers who have come on since mid-March: I want you to understand that you should be using the forums. Don’t rush to make a major decision before going on to a forum and discussing what your goals are, what your special circumstances are, what your time perspective is, what your present portfolio is, and so forth. These are basic issues that you should discuss with old-timers who have been on this site for a decade or longer.

There has never been a situation like the one we are presently are in. Everybody is flying blind. But it’s better to get counsel from people who are considering making similar decisions. It’s better to talk it over with a group of people under pressure than it is to try to deal with the pressure all by yourself.

There is another thing to consider. When you ask a question on a forum, and somebody asks about your motivation, your plans, and so forth, this will help you think through what you may not clearly have thought through clearly, but you should. This will help you get very specific about what you are attempting to accomplish, and whether or not your present strategy is the right one. Forums are specific. People ask specific questions. They force decision-makers to be clear about their plans.

People in the grips of emotion, especially fear, are tempted to take action before they have thought carefully about what they want to achieve. The more specific you are, the more likely you will make the right decision if you seek counsel.

The vast majority of the subscribers do not participate in the forums. They never ask questions. They read the articles, and they may read some of the forums, but they don’t ask questions or offer suggestions I don’t know why this is the case, but it is the case, and it has always been the case.

With this article, I am encouraging those of you who are on the sidelines, and who may be about to make a commitment with your money, to join in on a forum to get advice.

This site is forums-based. Take advantage of this.

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