Any Scholarly Article for Free. Literally: Any. Scholarly. Article. For. FREE.

Any Scholarly Article for Free. Literally: Any. Scholarly. Article. For. FREE.

I still cannot believe it. Scientific articles were not long ago sold for 20+ EUR per piece. Now they are available for free. On Google.

Why Scholarly Articles?

Currently, I am studying the phenomenon of entrepreneurial success. I want to do a screencast series about this.

Science says that entrepreneurial success is closely linked with psychopathic traits.

So I whatsapped my friend Klaus, who is a professor of commercial psychology at a local university: “Where can I find data about a link between entrepreneurial success and psychopathic traits?”

He replied: “I would do an Advanced Keyword Search at Google Scholar … there must be something about this.”

I asked: “keywords?”

He replied: “Hmmmm psychopathy leadership success or similar”

Google Scholar

Following the advice of my academic friend, I opened Google Scholar, here

I entered “psychopathy entrepreneur success”.

I got this search result:

The Google Scholar search page has the scientific articles right there as a pdf file. I have circled the respective links in red color.

The red arrows above point to those scientific articles that do not have a pdf file right there.

Sci-Hub Database

For those articles that have no link in the right column, those with the red arrows markings above, one can retrieve the corresponding article from the Sci-Hub webpage, which is currently here

“Currently” because the Sci-Hub webpage turns out to be illegal in some jurisdictions and this is why the people behind Sci-Hub move the webpage to another country if they encounter problems in one country.

D.O.I. Needed

All what is needed is the D.O.I. (Digital Object Identifier, see of the respective article. It looks like this, see the highlighted yellow text.

If Sci-Hub is down then it has moved again. In this case, check out the Sci-Hub facebook page, or google “Sci-Hub down where”.

Some History Lessons

If you want to read about the history of Sci-Hub, check out my other little articles about the demise of Copyright because of the Internet:

The above is not meant to encourage or promote copyright infringements. In the area of IP law, scientific articles are in practice as good as useless. I do even not know anyone who might be possibly interested in downloading scientific articles when patent publications are far more practical and available. These few lines are meant to update you with respect to the futile efforts of enforcing copyrights against infringers on the Internet.

Young lawyers who today still want to specialize in Copyright do not take the writing on the wall seriously.

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