AI, Automated, & Robotic Patent Drafting: Start Reading Here if You Want to Know More

AI, Automated, & Robotic Patent Drafting: Start Reading Here if You Want to Know More

This article is intended for you, if you want to:

  • double or even triple your patent drafting speed
  • produce a good patent application draft in one single workday
  • regain the genuine joy of drafting patents
  • know which horse to ride – you must find out which one of the many patent drafting robots is usable for you
  • become the hero in patent drafting
  • do three times more drafting work in the same time frame
  • reduce delivery time from 2 months to 2 weeks or even to only two days
  • do work with zero mistakes, zero typos, and zero formal mistakes
  • avoid drafting without antecedent basis or using two or more terms for the same element in the same draft
  • avoid reference numeral mistakes
  • no more mindless, repetitive, monotonous work
  • bring down regular patent filing time from “months” to “weeks” or even down to “days”

With all these, robot patent drafting can help you right away.

Here is how you can start today:

  • read the articles about robot patent drafting in the “Robot Patent Drafting” department on my website (click here)
  • take part in the VIP Robot Patent Drafting Forum on my website (click here)
  • read my White Book about the 1st World Robot Patent Drafting Symposium 2022 (click here)
  • go through the materials that we have created for our Robot Patent Drafting workshop in May 2023 (click here and here)
  • take part in one of the upcoming Robot Patent Drafting workshops (check out the dates of the upcoming events on my RPD Landing Page, click here).
  • book one-to-one sessions in our “Assisted Robot Patent Drafting” program (click here)
  • bookmark our Robot Patent Drafting landing page (click here)

If you want to do your own research, here is an (updated) list of those Automated Patent Drafting Software Manufacturers that are currently known to me. Please send me a message on LinkedIn if you want have your own Patent Drafting Robot listed here:

  • Added Matter (click here)
  • Power Patent (click here)
  • Edge (click here)
  • Patent Engine (click here)
  • (click here)
  • PatentPal (click here)
  • Patent Blast (click here)
  • Claim Master (click here)
  • Specifo (click here)
  • Dolcera/IP Author (click here)
  • Qatent (click here)
  • Patent Draftr (click here)
  • Rowan (click here, formerly “Turbo Patent”)
  • Solve Intelligence (click here)
  • Patent Bots (click here)
  • ChatGPT/Iain Russell (click here)
  • Patent Optimizer/LexisNexis (click here)
  • Lightbringer (click here)
  • PatentAssist (click here)
  • Patently/Onardo (click here)
  • IPRally (click here)

Upcoming Robots

  • PatentMaker (click here)
  • Philipa (click here)
  • Davinci (click here)
  • Bastian Best (click here)
  • XLScout (click here)
  • PatentTheory (click here)
  • InCatalyst (click here)

Abandoned Robots

  • Patent CAD (acquired by Rowan)



As you can see, a wealth of information is available. The decision to begin now rests with you.

Start now.

Martin “Automated Patent Drafting” Schweiger






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