Beware of Thieves. Secure your PayWave and PayPass Credit Card features.

Beware of Thieves. Secure your PayWave and PayPass Credit Card features.

Credit card security is paramount for me.

Currently, every other month I am experiencing an attempt of credit card fraud.

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The Latest Threat: PayWave and PayPass Fraud

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But I can dispute such fraudulent credit card charges, right?

Yes, in principle you can dispute such charges. If you notice it within the dispute period of 60 days after receiving the corresponding credit card statement.

And it will cost you two hours of your work time until getting the wrong payment re-imbursed to your bank account.

Check out the following article in order to find out what you can do to increase your chances of “winning” such a credit card dispute:

Good luck with that, especially if the wrong payment happened one month ago or even longer. I do not want to go down into that rabbit hole.

There is a way to avoid all this: make a lot of noise immediately after a fraudulent payment happened.

Call to Action: Secure your PayWave and PayPass Credit Card features

Call your bank´s hotline.

Ask them whether you can dispute a fraud similar to that one in the video above. They may answer negatively.

That is good.

Then ask them to send you an SMS message every time when you make PayWave and PayPass payment, as low as the paid amount may be. They will tell you that they do not want to set the PayWave and PayPass payment amount warning threshold to as low as 1 $. They will not like your request, although they have to do it by law.

Then store your bank´s hotline number in your phone directory.

If your bank does not have this kind of SMS warning system, consider getting a credit card from another bank.

After doing so, test your security system at the next 7/11 convenience store.

Do so for all of your credit or debit cards.

And then remove the CVV numbers from all your credit cards, after storing them in your secure password vault, see here.

Now. Don´t wait. Call your bank´s hotline.

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