Clubhouse And Legal Marketing – A Campfire Combination

Clubhouse And Legal Marketing – A Campfire Combination

What I find interesting about Clubhouse is that I hear similar stories from other Clubhouse users:

I had my first clubhouse meeting a few weeks ago, and the funny thing is I only had probably six or eight people on that, but with two of them I got into a very productive conversations with. And one of those guys introduced me to somebody who introduced me to XYZ, who just emailed me today and wanted to talk some more about my business and what I can do for him. There are obviously some very influential people doing things on Clubhouse.

I can confirm that. Immediately after I signed up to Clubhouse, I had a very interesting discussion with the two owners of an Italian wine estate and a Californian wine estate about possible use of blockchain technology in their business.

Do I need to tell you more what that means for law firm marketing? Become active on Clubhouse and find new clients with what you know best. Read this article if you do not believe me

If you do not go out to meet new people then you will not know new people. And no new clients without knowing new people.

Why Being On Clubhouse Today

Clubhouse and Social Audio Media is incredibly fast growing.

And in any incredibly fast-growing market you can do things that are not possible in regular markets.

You can today start a business in Social Audio Media, while you will not be able to start the same business next year.

That applies to anywhere else. If you are the first one in a market and if you can scale up to a reasonable size, you can be the go-to person in that market for a long time.

I believe that Clubhouse is comparable to Youtube in its early days. The people that are famous on YouTube today are not the people that are famous on TV.

This Is Why I Like Clubhouse

I have written about Clubhouse earlier, here

I have set-up a calendar for IP related Social Audio Media events, here Please let me know if you become aware of an event that is not yet mentioned there.

And I have so far done two Clubhouse events “The 4×4 Innovation Meet – Turn Ideas Into Money” (click here and here). My events are held every Thursday. Please let me know if you want to speak at my event.

Slides can be shared with the attendees via SlideShare (click here).

A group chat for the Clubhouse room can be organized as part of a parallel LinkedIn event. I have done so for my own Clubhouse events and I publish the group chat in a short article after the Clubhouse event, together with an audio recording of the event.

The advantage for the listeners is that – if they don´t like the talk – they can sneak out silently for coffee and come back at a later time. Nobody notices that practice in Clubhouse. Good.

Clubhouse is a new medium that comes with its own advantages. One of these advantages is that it avoids some annoying aspects of social media, like snarky comments from “Anonymous”.


Clubhouse And Legal Marketing

This is how it works, how you get leads and clients on clubhouse: during the event, have a helper who identifies those people that take part in the event. Check out their profiles and contact them over email or LinkedIn.

Those who join over the parallel LinkedIn event (click here for my own example) are identified there so that you can contact them directly. Build up your mailing list and the list of your LinkedIn contacts.

While the above are the mechanics, there is a crucial marketing element to Clubhouse: audio-only is an amazing trust-builder. From listening to a spoken voice, people can immediately distinguish a genuine person from a fake. And the entire attention is on the voice in Social Audio Media.

Audio works much quicker than any other media. Voice is all about social proof, authority, and liking reciprocity. Some call it the “campfire effect”.

Now imagine yourself at a campfire. It’s late at night. You have great conversations. The darker it gets, the more prominent the audio becomes, while the visual stimuli are going down. The audio becomes more important. And that is the entire experience of people in Clubhouse as well. It is audio only, it is alive. Clubhouse is not just listening to a podcast or to a radio show. It’s a live interactive conversation that you are part of or that you are listening to. A Clubhouse event is also entirely different from Zoom etc. where you also have a video.


Why Trust Is So Important In Marketing

And there are basically four things that you need from each new client: I call it “TiTTA”

The first “T” that you need stands for “thoughts”. Think about attention, interest, fascination, excitement. If somebody never, ever thinks about you and your products and services, there will not be any deal. You have to get into your clients` thoughts, at least for a little while.

Example: when you hear “Singapore” or “Patent” then the first thing that you should think about is my name “Martin Schweiger”. And that works, test me. Without paying for it, I own the first 3 result pages for a Google search for “Martin Schweiger Singapore” or “Martin Schweiger Patent”.

The second “T” stands for “thirst”. Thirst as in desire, longing, want, need. Thirst can come from greed, from fear, or from a dream. If somebody doesn’t want your products or services, there will not be any deal. Open objections will reduce the thirst for your products or services. So if you can increase the pain, the greed or the dream, and also remove the objections, you are ready to sell.

The third “T” stands for trust. Trust as in social proof, authority, reciprocal liking. There are four kinds of trust, and a buyer needs all of them. Buyers need trust in you or in your business, they need to trust your product or your service, they need to trust in themselves, and they need to trust in the future. And all of that, of course, depends on the size of the purchase that they are going to male. So different levels of trust are required when you buy a candy bar as compared with buying a used car.

The capital “A” in “TiTTA” stands for attention, and your new clients need some attention because otherwise there are a thousand other things that take priority. Think about scarcity, deadlines, consistency. Attention leads to motivation and action. If you have the attention of your client, it is easy to make a sale.

The small “i” in “TiTTA” has no meaning. But it makes the formula “TiTTA” easier to pronounce and remember.


Apply This Sales Theory In A Clubhouse Event

Clubhouse conversations can work well in this environment. Clubhouse talks can be used for talking with people about their dreams, or about their pain, or about how to remove or reduce objections.

As said above, Clubhouse is audio-only, and audio is an amazing trust builder.

And if you then add some attention, you are ready to sell on Clubhouse. And you can sell to a hundred or a thousand people at the same time, and that has much more impact than a one-on-one sales goal, and it can be much faster.



Clubhouse is a must-have.

Get your smartphone out (Apple or Android, both is possible!) and download the Clubhouse app from the AppStore.

If you need an invitation, please send me a Whatsapp message to +65 98334062 or contact me on LinkedIn.

Then secure your unique Clubhouse ID.

Then browse through the events and start listening.

Then enjoy the good old radio talk show feeling.

And wave with your hand if you want to contribute, they will let you speak, I am sure.


Martin “Audio” Schweiger

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