Completed: The Generative Robot Patent Drafting Workshop (US Litigation-Grade Patent Edition)

Completed: The Generative Robot Patent Drafting Workshop (US Litigation-Grade Patent Edition)

Another milestone achieved! On May 17, 2024, we successfully hosted the Generative AI/Robot Patent Drafting (RPD) Workshop: US Litigation-Grade Patent Edition. This was the 8th edition of our series, bringing together attendees from around the world. Their active participation made the event truly memorable. 

Here’s what you missed: 

🤖 Live Demonstration from Edge:
Evan Zimmerman, the talented creator, showcased Edge, a robot that simplifies patent drafting with its task-based approach. Edge handles language barriers effortlessly and makes drafting Markush claims possible. Evan also shared a helpful presentation on the dos and don’ts of making US-style claims.

🦾 Live Demonstration from PowerPatent:
PowerPatent integrates AI technologies like ChatGPT. It handles various types of inventions and adapts to different legal requirements with flexibility.

⚙️ Live Demonstration from Qatent:
Qatent was introduced to attendees for a hands-on experience. Its user-friendly interface makes it an excellent starting point for those new to robot patent drafting.

🤝 Expert Guidance on Robots:
During our workshop, participants had the opportunity to try out a robot themselves, guided on the spot by our experienced trainer. This gave them the confidence to test automated patent drafting. It is a game-changer for their professional lives.

☁️ 100% Virtual:
The workshop was accessible from anywhere, allowing attendees to join us from all corners of the globe. The world is your classroom!

There’s more. All our attendees received exclusive benefits post-workshop: 

🏅 Workshop Completion Badge:
A credible proof of upskilling in our workshop. The badge can be fully embedded in your professional profile, such as LinkedIn.

Free VIP Access:
A complimentary one-year VIP pass to our Robot Patent Drafting Q&A Forum on for in-depth insights and support.

✍️ Assisted Robot Patent Drafting:
For those who want to take their skills to the next level, our 1-to-1 training sessions will guarantee you to draft automated patents with confidence. We also offer a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee if you are not satisfied.  

Learn more about Assisted Robot Patent Drafting here. 


The RPD Workshop will return in July 2024 for our 8th edition.

Follow and stay updated on our upcoming workshop. We will unveil more details in the coming weeks! 

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