Diagnosed With Covid-19. Do These Five (5) Steps And Avoid ICU And Ventilation

Diagnosed With Covid-19. Do These Five (5) Steps And Avoid ICU And Ventilation

What really astonishes me when it comes to Covid-19 is that most people have an opinion about that disease. But they do not know what to do when they are confronted with a positive Covid-19 test result. And that includes medical doctors. 

The old saying also applies to Covid-19: “You cannot beat something with nothing”.

Here is where I am coming from: I do not know anyone by name who died from (or with) Covid-19 but the 2nd-hand stories that I heard of dying from Covid-19 all share that one single repeating pattern: these Covid-19 positive people were sitting at home, doing nothing but watching their breathing symptoms become worse. They then showed up at a hospital, followed by ending up under a mechanical ventilator, followed by dying peacefully while they were asleep. 


Mechanical Ventilation Is NOT What You Want To Have 

Statistics say that about 1 in 3 to 4 ventilated patients die:  

The overall hospital mortality and MV-related mortality were 19.8% and 23.8% respectively. After exclusion of hospitalized patients, the hospital and MV-related mortality rates were 21.6% and 26.5% respectively.

from here: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0249038 


Another study says that most deaths occur during the first 30 days of ICU stay, but not because of Covid-19 but because of a progressive lung damage from being ventilated: 

Our data indicate that 60% of all deaths among ventilated patients occurred in the first 30 days of ICU stay. These deaths were due to refractory hypoxemia and multiorgan failure, and were probably related to the development of progressive, fibrotic lung disease. 

Although the virus is eradicated in the most severe COVID-19 patients, the cause of lung damage is not. Linked to the inflammatory response, lung fibrosis emerges as a secondary event related to the progression of the pathology and worse outcomes [45,46,47,48].

from here: https://annalsofintensivecare.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s13613-021-00929-y 


If you also do not know what the term “refractory hypoxemia” means, then here is a definition: 

There is no standard definition of refractory hypoxemia, and this term usually considered when there is inadequate arterial oxygenation despite optimal levels of inspired oxygen. There is significant heterogeneity in opinions among intensivists regarding the definition, as demonstrated by a recent survey.

from here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK560516/ 

It looks as if the technicians that run the mechanical ventilator play an important role in the success of the treatment. Too much pressure and/or volume promotes lung fibrosis. Not enough oxygen: refractory hypoxemia. 


How To Avoid Mechanical Ventilation 

Nobody who catches Covid-19 or any other flu can avoid with absolute certainty ending up in ICU. And nobody can avoid dying when your life is meant to come to its end. 

But what we can do is to act wisely when we fall ill. 

You can positively influence the course of disease of a flu and that is why you can also do something when you are diagnosed with Covid-19.

And the best is that what you can do costs almost nothing:

In the first place, immediately when you see signs of a flu, do nose washes. I have described this in a pre-Covid-19 article (with a lot of scientific references), here


Nose washes with ice-cold water help if your nose is blocked because of the cold water reducing the swelling of your nasal mucosa. Adding salt to the water kills germs and viruses in your nose. Do the nose washes diligently and do not forget to clean the channel between your nose and your mouth cavity! Gargle deep with water, and you can add Salviathymol (click here) if you happen to live in Germany, in order to increase the efficiency of your gargling. 

Second, drink hot lemon water, as often as possible. Made from fresh lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, calamansis, … whatever source of natural vitamin C you can find.

Third, take paracetamol if you have fever. 

Fourth, go to bed and sweat out the flu under a pile of blankets. 

Fifth, inhale salty water with a good nebulizer if you are coughing. 

Your doctor will like this treatment, promised! And he may even add some prescription drugs for a more efficient inhalation therapy


Speed Is King. Don’t Wait Until You Develop A Cough! 

Here is the typical course of disease of flu. 

The viruses develop in your nose, at the upper (frontal) sinus of your nose. That is why Covid-19 patients often lose their sense of smell because the brain cells that are in charge of the sense of smell sit right behind that frontal sinus. 

From there, yellowish or greenish nose slime drops down from the nose cavity to the mouth cavity, over the so-called “nasopharynx” tube. There is a further tube that connects the nasopharynx to the middle ear, and you can hear that when you do nose washes by a clicking noise in your ear. That noise happens because the water presses your eardrums outwards, and the good thing is that this is not a dangerous sign. 

The yellowish-greenish slime then drops from your mouth into your lung. And this is what you do not want to happen. An aggressive virus such as the Covid-19 virus can damage your lung beyond repair. 

Stop these viruses from building up that yellowish-greenish slime by doing nose washes immediately after you feel that your nose becomes blocked. Do nose washes. At the latest, start these nose washes immediately after being diagnosed with Covid-19. 

Continue to do these regular nose washes until your cough is over. Don’t stop before that happens.

Speed is king. I have heard of people who tested positive with Covid-19 but without showing symptoms ending up in the ICU the next day because of heavy breathing difficulties. 

Tip: do not wait until you cannot breathe anymore. Start immediately after you feel that your nose gets blocked.


My Own Testimonial 

I developed Covid-19 in early 2020, in Germany. I caught it from someone who spent skiing holidays in Northern Italy, in a known Covid-19 hotspot. 

Immediately after having the first symptoms of a flu, I started all my five therapy steps above. I had fully recovered within three days. What I remember is that I have sweated my mattress through for two consecutive nights. My bed was wet in the morning from my sweat. 

And maybe I am too Bavarian: I find that the best after a conquered flu is having a good breakfast after a sweaty night and a hot shower in the morning. 

If that helps me then it may also help you. 



Buy that nose wash bottle and that nose-wash salt today, here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZCNG2X7/ Do that today. It is cheap, so don’t wait. Your life can depend on that one.

Buy that good compressor nebulizer (click here).

Always have a few lemons and paracetamol at home. 

Bookmark my article so that you find it when you need it. 

And please share my article with your friends and family. It seems to me that nobody knows about nose washes and Covid-19. 


Martin “No Flu” Schweiger

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