Dr. Gary North – Ten Reasons to Have Your Own Blog Site

Dr. Gary North – Ten Reasons to Have Your Own Blog Site

Guest post by Dr. Gary North

Here are ten good reasons for starting a blog site. You can probably think of ten more. Do you have a blog site?

1. You need to master web publishing. Blogging is the cheapest way to get started if you’re not a teenager and into social networking.

2. A blog lets you practice the basics of publishing: frequent posting, clear writing, relevant writing. A blog forces you to say something worth saying on a regular basis. Not many people ever develop this skill. This skill will set you apart.

3. A blog forces you to specialize. This forces you to establish a niche. A niche is where relevance lies and where profitability lies.

4. A blog forces you to keep up with your chosen topic. Keeping up with the Joneses’ lifestyle is foolish. Keeping up with the Joneses’ industry is smart. You can eventually sell Jones information, or get him to hire you full-time.

5. A blog adds credibility to whatever it is you do. It says “This person is willing to go public and face the consequences.” Not many people are willing to do this.

6. A blog establishes you as an expert if it’s a good blog. No matter how you earn your living, being perceived by your peers as an expert in your field can pay off in money.

7. A blog’s address fits on a business card. Your card is unlikely to generate sales directly, but it can generate sales indirectly by getting people to visit your blog.

8. A blog reinforces your business. You can’t share everything you know in one meeting. You can share a great deal on a blog site.

9. A blog can save people time in keeping up to date, which is hard to do and costly. Saving time is step one. If they think you can save them time, they may conclude that you can save them money — money they are planning to spend anyway.

10. A blog can lead to a subscription Website.


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