Dr. Gary North – To Protect Your Job, You Must Complete This Self-Inventory. One Week From Now, You Should Have It Completed.

Dr. Gary North – To Protect Your Job, You Must Complete This Self-Inventory. One Week From Now, You Should Have It Completed.

Guest post by Dr. Gary North (R.I.P.)

So, it’s time for you to complete a comprehensive inventory of your value to your employer, with evidence.

Can you put a dollar value per year on what you produce, save, or manage for your firm?

If not, can you put a dollar value on specific projects you have managed? Have you managed any?

Employers like leadership. They want to hire leaders who can follow. They want to hire a bird colonel at a major’s salary. A bird colonel has spent his career following, but he has spent his career leading.

Have you evidence that shows that you have been a leader? If so, your application will look far better.

If you have not led, do you possess the skills to lead? Can you prove this?

One of the most valuable is public speaking. Can you show that you are an accomplished public speaker? Probably not. I suggest that you get this skill any way you can. I recommend Toastmasters. Dale Carnegie’s course is expensive, but it works.

Have you taught a Sunday school? A classroom? Are you willing to teach at a community college? That is great training. It says, “This person is not afraid of standing in front of an audience.”

Because most people hate to do this, possessing credentials in this area sets you apart.

Is there anything in the company that you could do that would let you get started here? If so, volunteer.

At some point, rent or buy a HiDef camcorder and a lapel mic and record your presentations. Let the company have these. This says, “This employee is a cut above.”

If you cannot estimate money, estimate hours. Output is better than input, but specific input time in a unique form of service distinguishes you. This is vital for securing your job.

If you are hard-pressed to identify exactly what you have done over the last two years to justify your continued employment, you are in trouble. If you don’t know, then your boss doesn’t know. This puts you at risk. You become more expendible.

All of this applies to any quest for promotion.

See if you can produce a self-inventory this week. Give this a lot of thought. Get it on paper. Be as specific as possible. It’s a hard exercise, which is why few employees ever do it.


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