Evan Zimmerman – The Edge Patent Drafting Robot

Evan Zimmerman – The Edge Patent Drafting Robot

Guest post by Evan Zimmerman.


We at Edge are very excited to participate in the Robot Patent Drafting seminar thrown by Martin Schweiger of Schweiger & Partners! Catch us Friday, May 17. You can register here.


For this promo, our CEO, Evan Zimmerman, is going to write a simple, yet strong, patent for a circuit that uses a control circuit to manage the current in an electronics patent in case 1(b), where there are figures and text but no reference numerals. It is taken from Martin’s set of examples. In other words, we are giving the Assistant the least amount of information it can have.

Our Assistant successfully accomplishes in just a few minutes collectively several tasks that would have taken a significant amount time:

  1. It creates a first draft of the independent claims
  2. It proposes several interesting dependent claims
  3. It creates a flow chart for claim 2, which is common for methods in US patents but was missing from the disclosed figures
  4. It successfully deduces the labels for the circuit drawing on its own (these are very close to the reference numerals from case 1(c))
  5. It creates a detailed description of both figures, and can be expanded upon with embodiments, account for additional dependent claims, adds definitions, and more
  6. We are able to go from there to “clean up,” adding sections like summary, background, and abstract

The Assistant is smart enough to write with several litigation-grade details from the start. It uses embodiments, “may,” and non-limiting language. It never uses the patent profanity “invention” or “the invention” and avoids common mistake-words like “necessary.” And the background is written to avoid the types of issues that in recent years have been used to sharply limit claim scope, for example by never actually describing the invention.

Our approach with Edge is to build a beautiful, easy-to-use solution with a task-based Assistant built in. You, the patent practitioner, remain in control.

Our Assistant aids in the creation of litigation-grade patents by getting it right the first time (or at least close to it) and decreasing the amount of time needed to get the basics out of the way so you can put in the extra time to upgrade your patents to the highest litigation grade.

Want to see more? In our class, we’re going to be going into more detail and covering another one of the examples in more depth.

See you there!

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Meet Evan, our CEO

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The article was first published here: https://blog.withedge.com/p/edge-will-be-at-the-robot-patent

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