FREE Online Course: Learning to Be Assertive

FREE Online Course: Learning to Be Assertive

Guest post by Chris Croft

This FREE course gives you insight into knowledge that is helpful but which is not provided in a normal engineering or law student toolbox.


Assertiveness is incredibly important, because it underpins everything you do, every interaction you have with other people, both at home and at work, whether it’s one to one, in meetings, or with groups of friends. If you think about it, leadership requires assertiveness, time management also requires you to be assertive. And even giving a good presentation requires assertiveness. And it’s hard to do, it’s not a natural skill. It’s much easier to be submissive or aggressive in difficult situations, or when you’re dealing with difficult people. So in this course, I’m gonna explain what assertiveness consists of, and I’m going to cover a whole lot of practical techniques, that you’ll be able to use immediately.

This course shows you what is assertiveness, and how you can get better at it.


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It is only 54 minutes long.

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