FREE Online Course: Managing New Managers

FREE Online Course: Managing New Managers

Sarah Canaday´s course opened my eyes for a new problem: we often install new managers without telling them how to do their job properly.

Even for highly qualified candidates, it can be a daunting shift. They’ll face bigger demands and greater opportunities, and they’ll need a more diverse set of skills to continue on their journey towards success. Managing new leaders is a different type of challenge and it’s a big responsibility.

This course gave me new ideas on how to support and inspire new managers, as they make the vital transition from individual contributors to leaders. It showed me how to identify the specific needs of new leaders, and to understand their unique perspectives and challenges. I have learned techniques on to coach and support them, guiding them to raise the bar on managing their own teams, and cultivating the right conditions for them to succeed.

I also realized that committing to this process can make a huge difference, for them, for you and for your organization.

Now take the FREE course:

It is only 85 minutes long.

I have unlocked this course for you so that you can take it for free, but you must be logged into LinkedIn to view it AND you must be connected with me on LinkedIn! Important: click the long link above to watch the FREE course. And don´t click on the video below, you can then only watch the single video but the rest of the course will appear to be locked if you do that.



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