Free Online Course on Referral Marketing

Free Online Course on Referral Marketing

This course is a must-see, not only if you are an IP attorney.

Referral marketing (or Network Marketing) is one of the only two reasonable ways to do active marketing in our profession.

I have unlocked this course for you so that you can take it for free. Just click the link “View Course” below.

LinkedIn has Online Training Courses – and I have found this very useful course. Click here to view the free course (you must be logged into LinkedIn to view it).

Start with the two short lessons “Wrong way to ask for a referral” and “Right way to ask for a referral” in section 4 of the course. If you want to learn how to do that in your own practice then take the entire course.

Take it, it is free if you use this link here!

Don´t click on the video below, the course will appear to be locked if you do that.


Welcome from Sales: Referral Selling by Joanne Black


And if you want to learn more about marketing for IP attorneys then sniff around in the “marketing section” of this webpage.

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