Here is a Reader’s Digest Website for Business Books. Find Out What Is Worth Reading, Fast.

Here is a Reader’s Digest Website for Business Books. Find Out What Is Worth Reading, Fast.

Do you love saving time? I do.
Do you remember the old Reader’s Digest times? I do.
Do you perceive how Reader’s Digest helps you save time in your life? Someone has read a book and he jotted down a book review with what is in for you.
Now here is a similar thing for business books, but as a Website: finds, rates, and summarizes business books, articles, and video talks into 10-minute abstracts. There are more than 22,000 text and audio summaries in areas such as leadership, finance, innovation, health, and science.
Reading such book reviews helps me saving time, and if it helps me it may also help you.

Book Reviews – The Reader’s Digest Concept and

Here is how the old Reader’s Digest worked. Once a month we have received a booklet with a sampling of favorite articles on many subjects from various monthly magazines. Sometimes these articles were condensed and rewritten. The important thing is that these articles were combined into one magazine. These were all listed in the table of contents on the front cover. I could quickly vet through the table of contents, then read the shortened version or the review in the booklet, and then decide to get that book from the library or even buy it. That happened only very few times because most of the time, the review did not convince me to go further. is a similar thing for business books. It comes as a Website:
You can read the book reviews directly in your browser, or on your e-reader. has an app for reading their book reviews on your smartphone or tablet. You can also listen to audio summaries on your smartphone. All of their book reviews are also available as PDFs.
  • Each book review is formatted using a template for maximizing knowledge retention. They include:
  • a rating,
  • a recommendation,
  • top take-aways,
  • a full summary,
  • significant quotes,
  • an author biography, and
  • a link to the original source content.

The good thing is that one book review can be absorbed in less than ten minutes.

If you want to systematically improve your personal development by reading business books, is the place to go. Read the abstract there and only then decide whether to read the entire book or not.

I recommend that you listen to audiobook reviews for falling asleep, lights off and curtains closed, see my article about falling asleep (click here)

How To Read Books And Save Time

Here is what I do before I buy one more paper book that has been recommended to me: I go to and find out whether there is an abstract of the book.
You can also find book abstracts on and on
The next step will be to buy the e-book version of that book, preferably on Kindle.
If that e-book version turns out to be a keeper, I will buy the paper version of that book, preferably as a hardcover version for the bookshelf that you see behind me in my video recordings.
That way I prevent myself from cluttering my life with books that I will never again read in my lifetime.

Call To Action

Try it out yourself, it is free for 3 days!
Login to You can login for the trial period without using your credit card!
Then go through your list of keeper books on your bookshelf and see for how many of them you can find book reviews. If you find more than one-third of your keepers there, then subscribe to that website.

And yes, this website is not cheap. But never forget this rule: time is your most valuable resource. Spend money to save time like a boss.


Martin “Reading Fast” Schweiger

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