Here is How to Convert Commuting Time into Money, Education, or Market Visibility

Here is How to Convert Commuting Time into Money, Education, or Market Visibility

One of the advantages that we IP lawyers have is that we can bill people according to time. This forces us to pay very close attention to our time. We don’t want to waste it, meaning that we don’t want to spend it on non-billable services. This is an advantage that we IP lawyers have over almost all other professions. We are therefore very careful about the use of our time.

Must Read

If you also care about the use of your own time then you must read the following article that I saw last week

In very short words: save thousands of Dollars every year by working from home. Working from home is the future, especially for all those that do not have a management position in their firm.

What if You Cannot Switch to Working from Home

And for those that cannot switch to working from home, they can convert commuting time into education. Either they should produce a podcast or else they should listen to one. Both producing a podcast or listening to one is highly educational.

Of course, a mobile podcast can only produced while driving in a car, alone, and not in a public train. This means that once they are available, those that still need to drive to work should buy a self-driving car. That’s because drive time is the greatest single source of potential revenue, either through a promotion, or through starting a Website, or finding a way to get a better job.

Examples for IP-related podcasts are found here

Practical Steps towards Your Own Podcast

Listen to a few podcasts over some time before you start your own podcast. Listening to a podcast is so easy today. No software needed. Just use your smartphone for opening a podcast webpage, such as this one, and click on one episode. The player opens automatically and the podcast will start. Use headphones if you are not alone!

For starting a podcast, the equipment needed is very simple: use your smartphone and the microphone of your earphones for recording the podcasts. And use the free Audacity audio editing program for denoising the recorded audio files and for cutting out unwanted sections.

Use your Youtube Account for publishing Your Podcast

You do not need to create a special webpage for your podcast. Just use your existing Youtube account.

YouTube is not designed to host files that are exclusively audio (.MP3, .WAV, .M4A etc.). Before you upload the podcast, you will need to combine its audio file and an image file into a format that will work on YouTube. You can use the free Windows Live Movie Makerprogram to add an image to an audio track so you can convert it into a video file. After you have created the video file, you can use the Windows Life Movie Maker to right away upload it to YouTube.

Here are some tutorials on how to use Windows Live Movie Maker:

And here is an article that tells you how to find free online photos

Spread the News

Then start marketing. It does NOT help if you produce a podcast and nobody knows about it.

Please update me once you have started your own podcast! I will spread the news among my IP lawyer peers.

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