FREE Online Course: How to be Loyal and Still be Disobedient

FREE Online Course: How to be Loyal and Still be Disobedient

Bob McGannon´s course is a game changer.

We all know this one important rule for success in a law firm: “You must never think or act negatively towards the powers that feed you!”

But this does not mean that you are required to act like blind sheep, individuality and own ideas being left at the doorstep when coming to work.

Just apply the “Intelligent disobedience” principle that is implanted into guide dogs during their training. Guide dogs are there to help people without eyesight to commute. Guide dogs interpret commands in a way that honors their owner’s intent while avoiding hazards they might not anticipate.

This course shows how intelligent disobedience translates to the business world and how it can help you become a more courageous leader. You can learn how to challenge strict orders, voice unpopular opinions, take risks, and come up with creative solutions, all while keeping stakeholders’ goals in mind.

Now take the FREE course:

It is only 45 minutes long.

I have unlocked this course for you so that you can take it for free, but you must be logged into LinkedIn to view it AND you must be connected with me on LinkedIn! Important: click the long link above to watch the FREE course. And don´t click on the video below, you can then only watch the single video but the rest of the course will appear to be locked if you do that.



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