How to Become Visible as a Lawyer. Here Comes an Excellent Example

How to Become Visible as a Lawyer. Here Comes an Excellent Example

Just back from the INTA 141st annual meeting in Boston.

This was a huge event: someone said that we were 11,000 attendees.

For me, it was like a college anniversary meeting. I met many old friends and acquaintances again, and I established some new friendships.

Not one minute was boring for me, nor did I regret one minute having been there, despite the high costs of attending this meeting. There is the flight, my accommodation, the food, the membership and attendance fees, the costs for our event “German Evening” towards the end of the convention, which has gained some reputation over the years.

Of course, I have informed my friends and acquaintances before the conference via email that I will be there, so we were looking out for each other during the conference.

But that is not the point.

The point is that we share our various passions with each other. And what we have achieved since we have met the last time.

Business talks had only second or third priority. Business usually follows from personal relationships that have to be established and nurtured. And relationships are never boring, per definition.

Very few are ready to talk about what they are passionate about. A meeting with people who do not share their passion will necessarily end in Smalltalk.

Passion is exciting, while Smalltalk is not.

What Passion is

I consider this important: finding and expressing one’s passion so that you can share that with others.

We all have something that we are passionate about. Something in which we are a true expert.

For some, their passion is cooking. For others, it is lifting weights as a sport. Others again are into surfing.

It ultimately does not matter what it is. Important is that you find out what it is. And – even more important – that you share it with others.


And here is an excellent example of a lawyer that has a unique hobby: lockpicking.

He is the LockPickingLawyer

Watch this video about removing a parking clamp from your car, it has 1,7 million views:

The LockPickingLawyer has 630,000 followers on his Youtube channel which came with a whopping number of 892 (!) videos, as of May 25, 2019.

And here is an interview with him

Alongside practicing law, the Lock Picking Lawyer also runs one of the most popular, most viewed, and most respected lock picking YouTube Channels out there. With almost half a million viewers, he is a force that inspires both newcomers and seasoned pickers alike.

Apparently, there are lockpicking contests, and the LockPickingLawyer is winning them. Watch this video

How I wish that I could meet the LockPickingLawyer in person at a lawyers convention.


The LockPickingLawyer does not say who he is. Nor does he have a personal webpage which is different from his firm’s webpage.

He could easily use his popularity for promoting his business. But he chose to not do so.

As a patent attorney, lockpicking would be a “killer knowledge”. Someone who is good and persistent in lock technology is probably also good in any other mechanical technology. And I would be ready to trust my legal case into his hands.

Call to Action

Find out your own passion. You are already good in that specific area. And you like doing it. And you decide to become the best in World in doing it.

If you can make videos of what you are passionate about then start your Youtube channel, posting videos that you can take with your smartphone camera.

If you prefer writing then start your own free webpage about your passion. If that is too complicated then use Blogspot.

You can start with simple contents and improve from there. is my webpage about my own passion: finding specific solutions that save my time and increase my productivity.

If I can do that then you can do it, too.

Don’t wait, start it now.


Martin “Passion” Schweiger

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