How To Clean Up Unwanted Content From Your Kindle Reader Account

How To Clean Up Unwanted Content From Your Kindle Reader Account

I make no secret of my opinion: the free Amazon Kindle reader system is the coolest solution for e-books that exists.

One can send e-books in almost any format to the Kindle cloud, by attaching them to an email message, see my earlier article here

But there is one problem.

The Kindle System is too versatile.

My email signature contains a few pictures in .jpg format, see below

And an email with an e-book that is sent to my Kindle account converts not only the e-book into Kindle format but also the .jpg pictures in the email signature.

As a result, I end up wit a lot of rubbish on all my Kindle devices, as the Kindle services updates them all.

Deleting these contents from the Kindle readers is cumbersome because they are so slow.

Delete E-books “sent by email” from my Kindle Cloud

The easiest is to remove these unwanted contents entirely from my Kindle cloud account.

And there is a way to specifically remove those “non-purchased” books from your Kindle account, such as the pdfs on there and books “sent via email”.

These are the steps:

  1. sign into Amazon on a desktop computer or laptop
  2. click here
  3. make sure you select “Show: Docs” from the dropdown menu. That will show you all content that you have ever emailed to your Kindle account
  4. Select and delete whatever you want



That is how I read books

I first see whether I can find a free downloadable version that I can “test drive”, and I send it to my Kindle cloud account.

The next step may be to print the ebook on A4 paper so that I can read it more conveniently and take handwritten notes.

If the book turns out to be a keeper: I buy the hardcover version of that book. Or, second-best, I buy its paperback version if there is no hardcover version available.

I then read the book a second time, transferring all my old notes and adding new notes. I would then also write a book review.


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