How to Find Out Whether a Website is a Scam. Fast.

How to Find Out Whether a Website is a Scam. Fast.

Every now and then I have to check out a website on the Internet: I have to pursue a counterfeiter, or I want to purchase something for my own and I want to make sure that I get what I have ordered.

Evaluating the risk of dealing with an unknown site takes a lot of time if you want to do this properly. You also have to overcome various data protection hurdles for doing so.

This is what I do when I want a fast result which is not bad: I use the free website

It takes about a minute to check a site. Just type its URL into the box and click the “check it now” button.

Here is the link to the test result for my own blog:

And here is the link to a webpage that sells counterfeit goods from Thailand and China:

In a side-line only. The site is a good example when it comes to discussions about the future of anti-counterfeiting in today’s times.

I went after that site because it has been selling counterfeit goods with the trademarks of one of our clients, a German enterprise.

The site sells copies of luxury watches, clothing, shoes, jewelry. handbags, and more.

If you purchase something there, it will be sent to you by mail, directly from Thailand or China.

It is nearly impossible to stop these people unless one has very deep pockets. targets customers in Germany, but the webservers of sit outside of Germany, and their locations change often.

You might ask: why can this go on? Do the authorities nothing?

The authorities do something but there is simply too much going on today.

This is what recommends on their webpage

Your country will be cleared by Customs, but Customs will only be able to carry out random checks. Therefore, our experience shows that controls are less than 1%. Depending on the country of the recipient, as well as the nature and value of the consignment may incur Customs / VAT or processing fees, which may be quite different from country to country. Common to all countries but there are tariff allowances, so that small consignments are exempt from customs clearance in many cases.

If a consignment has to be picked up by customs (which does not mean costs are incurred for a long time), there is no reason to want to withdraw from the purchase contract.

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Martin “first check then trust” Schweiger

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