How to Share a Youtube video, Not From the Beginning, but Starting From Any Point of its Timeline

How to Share a Youtube video, Not From the Beginning, but Starting From Any Point of its Timeline

I wanted to show you this: how to share a Youtube video, not from the beginning, but starting from any point of its timeline.

Now you may ask: “why and when do I need this?”

Answer: my observation is that often people do better relate to a scene from a well-known movie than to a long explanation. Modern movies are easy to find on Youtube, but not that scene that you are relating to. A clumsy way is to state a “minute:seconds” time value when you are referring to a Youtube video.

There is a better way to achieve that and I will show you how.


You know my calling to provide the best tools for professionals in the area of Intellectual Property.

Very soon I am going to have this conference about Robot Patent Drafting (click here). I need some material for promoting the idea behind it: if you work in the area of patent drafting and if you miss that Robot Patent Drafting train then you will be left behind.

One video that illustrates that situation is Ice Age 4: the squirrel is chasing the lost hazelnut. That is an allegory for patent attorneys and orders for drafting patent applications.

Both are falling from the sky. That stands for the Internet, Covid-19, complacent staff, you name it.

The squirrel and its hazelnut both land on a floating ice sheet in the middle of an ocean. That is today. Most patents are still drafted manually.

Then there is a crack in the ice sheet. My Robot Patent Drafting conference stands for that crack. That crack separates the Patent Attorneys from the patent drafting orders. Robots are taking over.

That crack gets larger …

Watch that Ice Age 4 story yourself. You will like it. Click here

How To Achieve This

Very simple.

Find that video on Youtube and find that scene that you want to reference.

Right Click with your mouse anywhere on the video  screen.

The menu in the picture above appears. Left click on “copy video URL at current time”. That will copy a link (with the number “136” standing for the number of seconds that have lapsed since the beginning of the video) into the text.

Then paste the link where you want it to be, by right clicking and selecting “paste A”.

There it is.

Call to Action

Try it out:

  • start a Youtube video
  • right click at any time on the video for opening that menu
  • left click on “copy video URL at current time”
  • paste that link (right click) into the URL line of a new tab of your Internet browser
  • see whether you got what you wanted to achieve

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Martin “Guerilla Marketing” Schweiger





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