How To Upload Content To In Good Faith – A Step-by-Step Manual

How To Upload Content To In Good Faith – A Step-by-Step Manual

This is so self-evident that it even goes without saying: don’t infringe the Copyrights of others!

For content that has not been genuinely created by yourself, get the written permission of those authors before you upload a book or an article to

And no need to explain here that when a book goes out of print, it is still protected by Copyright.

And a copyrighted work does also not become public domain when its owner dies. In modern copyright law, works made by individuals are protected for the author’s entire life plus a number of decades. Often 50 or even 70 years. When an author dies, just the ownership of the copyright changes.

Does Copyright Have A Limit?

But now I have a question: if a copyrighted work is not available and if the author is dead, why is it not allowed to post it on a public site, such as

So here is my raw thesis. Let’s amend Copyright law as follows: for written works of authors that are dead, the following applies: if their rightful heirs do not publish the author’s works then no Copyrights can be asserted against third parties that do so.

You find more information about my raw thesis here

I do NOT encourage you to upload any content to if you do not have the right to do so. Maybe Copyright law will be changed in the future for that. But for now, don’t.

But I walk the first mile myself: if I die and if my heirs do not publish my works, then please feel free to publish them, but don’t alter them. You can even make a profit by publishing my un-altered works after I am dead and keep that profit for you. I am ok with that. I want to have my thoughts out there.

A Step-by-Step Manual For Uploading And Downloading Content To B-OK.CC

You are now all set for uploading your own works to

I have recorded a short screencast for you that helps you to do so, in good faith. I am using one of my own works as an example.

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