How to Use the Q&A Forums on this Website – FAQs

How to Use the Q&A Forums on this Website – FAQs

1. You have certainly seen that this website has a Q & A section, the “Question and Answer Forums”, here:

The Q & A forum section is a valuable source of information for everyone in the IP area. It can serve as a basis for the FAQ section of your own webpage, or you can use it for preparing a new article on LinkedIn.

Anybody can see the initial posts that are posted into the Q&A forums, but only members that are logged into this webpage can see the comments of the other users in the same thread.

2. Here are some guidelines to make the best use of the Q & A forums.


Question: “I tried to post my question but it seems to require me to become a paying member. Are you suggesting I need to pay to get an answer to my CRM question? Or maybe there is another way to post for free, which I am not seeing at present.”

Answer: Yes, I have made posts in the Q&A forums available on a paid membership basis.

You have a one month 100% money-back guarantee, so if you feel that the membership is not worth it for you, simply request a refund of your membership fee.

If this is still too much risk, then my blog is not the right source of information for you.


Question: “How can I include a picture into my Q&A Forum post?”

Answer: First upload the picture by using the “upload file” option. Then copy the file address (position mouse on file name, press right mouse button, select “copy link address”). For inserting the picture into the post, click the “insert image” button and insert the file location (press right mouse button, select “paste”).


Question: “You are recommending to post anonymously into the Q&A Forum post. Why?”

Answer: There are several reasons for remaining anonymous here on the Internet, and especially on my website. One of them is that you can post whatever you want and later not get blamed for it. My website also takes a contrarian approach to some matters, such as copyright law and anti-counterfeiting. By remaining anonymous you can still follow my website without getting blamed for being here.

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