How to Use the Q&A Forums on this Website – FAQs

How to Use the Q&A Forums on this Website – FAQs

You have certainly seen that this website provides a Q & A section, the “Question and Answer Forums”, here:

The Q & A forum section is a valuable source of information for everyone in the IP area. It can serve as a basis for the FAQ section of your own webpage, or you can use it for preparing a new article on LinkedIn.

Here are some guidelines to make the best use of the Q & A forums.

Question: “I tried to post my question but it seems to require me to become a paying member. Are you suggesting I need to pay to get an answer to my CRM question? Or maybe there is another way to post for free, which I am not seeing at present.”

Answer: Yes, I have made posts in the Q&A forums available on a paid membership basis. Otherways I would spend my time with abusive and exploitive posts.

You have a one month 100% money-back guarantee, so if you feel that the membership is not worth it for you, simply request a refund of your membership fee.

If this is still too much risk for you then my blog is not the right source of information for you.



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