I have published 101 articles on LinkedIn. What I am missing.

I have published 101 articles on LinkedIn. What I am missing.

As much as I like LinkedIn for first publishing my articles, I will change my publishing strategy from now on.

As said before, here, publishing articles on LinkedIn helped me a lot.

But now, as I have many articles there, it becomes more and more difficult to find and retrieve specific articles when I want to use them for answering a question with respect to Intellectual Property.

LinkedIn has no short overview of what I have published there. The only way to search in my articles is to access my personal LinkedIn profile and to scroll through the various articles listed there. As the computer screen needs time to download and update the displayed information, this can take ages until I have found the right article.

The search function and the various categories on my own webpage https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/ are much more convenient for that.

So this is what I do. I post more on my own webpage and I will use my assistant to multiply this information on my other social media platforms.

I will check again by the end of 2019 whether this makes sense at all.

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