Improve Your Zoom Calls: Make Your Cursor Big And Red

Improve Your Zoom Calls: Make Your Cursor Big And Red

You have surely seen Zoom online presentations where someone tried to explain a Powerpoint slide or a website, using his mouse pointer on their shared screen.

Nobody can recognize that default Windows mouse on a shared screen. The mouse pointer is just too small and it is not sticking out from the shared content.

Use this onboard feature of Windows 10 and increase the size of your mouse pointer and change the color to red.

Or to green, whatever. For many, this is the same.

Here Is How It Works

  • step #1: type “mouse pointer color ” into the search box on the lower left side of your screen
  • step #2: click on the “Change mouse pointer color” settings in the menu that appears after step #1

As shown here:

The following menu will appear:

I have circled in the figure above what you need to adjust:

  • step #1: put the “change pointer size” to the value “5”
  • step #2: click on the “color selection button”, and a colors spectrum will appear below that button
  • step #3: in that colors spectrum, select the color that you want. I prefer red or green.

And here is a short video that shows you what needs to be done:


I have tried that out and it works for me on Teams and Skype.

But it does not work if I use, neither when started in the Chrome Browser nor when using the Dialpad Meetings App for Windows.

For Zoom, highlighting your cursor will only work after changing a setting in the Zoom app, in the Annotation toolbar that is accessible after you enter into the Share Screen mode.

In the Share Screen mode, Click on the “Annotate” button in the Zoom toolbar:

After doing so, the “Annotate” toolbar appears, and you can click on the “Spotlight” button:

Three options are available, and I prefer the “highlighted cursor” on the left or the “arrow” option in the center.

  • the “highlighted cursor” will highlight the cursor with a red dot
  • the “arrow” will replace the cursor with an arrow

Clicking the mouse will stop highlighting the cursor, and clicking the white “X” in the red circle on the right will exit the Annotation toolbar.


Call To Action

Change your cursor size and color and call someone online so that you find out whether this hack works with your favorite online communication program.

Please share your positive or negative result with me by sending an email to martin.schweiger (at)


Martin “Screen Share” Schweiger

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