INTA 2020: If You Miss Overseas Convention Taxi Rides then Check out This Virtual Travelling Website

INTA 2020: If You Miss Overseas Convention Taxi Rides then Check out This Virtual Travelling Website

The INTA annual meeting is going to be next week.

If you are into the area of Intellectual Property (IP) then the INTA annual meeting was a must, before Covid-19.

That is why I signed up for INTA annual meeting this year. But this is a test run for me. My feeling is that this is my last INTA until the brick-and-mortar IP conventions will be fully restored.

Now, during Covid-19, I am not so sure about the purpose of international conventions anymore.

I believe that direct response marketing, over social media, and direct mail/email have taken over.

What would still be good is to be an online speaker at one of the many INTA events. That could be promoted in direct response marketing, and it creates trust.

You can check out the INTA online events here

But not everyone can be an online speaker at those INTA events. That comes with quite some effort and costs.

It is my feeling that the same effect can be achieved more conveniently, somehow.

How To Use INTA Online Events For your Own Practice

I still need to get a handle on these online events. How can we use them more efficiently?

What would be helpful is a system to select the best 20% or 4% of the online events for watching their recordings only after their live presentation. The Pareto Principle says that 20% of the talks will give you 80% of the total value of all talks. And because the Pareto Principle being fractal, 20% of 20%  = 4% of the talks will give you 80% of 80% = 64% of the total value of all talks. Now that would be a major leap forward.

What comes to my mind is a group of IP practitioners that attends these online events, one person per online event. After the event, that person would grade the presentations made there. Only criteria that can be impartially evaluated are rated: did the speaker release his slides on SlideShare (click here for more information on that)? How is the spoken English language of the speaker: native, good, or bad? Can their message easily be understood or not?

I could also imagine a reminder service for these online events that collects simple feedback from the participants, such as “likes”, after the event has taken place. The 20%/4% selection above could be done based on that feedback.

And the selected talks could later be promoted online.

Overseas Convention Virtual Taxi Rides

We can today simulate quite a few things online.  What I enjoy during conventions are city sightseeing tours, and that is one of the things that can be done online.

This website takes you through the major cities in this world, as seen through a car windscreen, playing local radio music:

I have tried out Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, and Munich. And the taxi rides are all authentic, I can tell because I know these 3 cities like my pocket.

And there is more to come. I have written an article about virtual traveling using Google Earth 3D, here


Call to Action

#1: check out the current INTA program for finding out whether or not you are missing anything important

#2: do a virtual taxi ride here

#3: Read this article on a desktop computer with a decent mouse and check out your earlier virtual taxi ride on Google Earth 3D

#4: prepare a list of 5 IP practitioners from overseas that you would like to meet again.

#5: Then pick up the phone, call each one of them, and chat for at least 10 minutes with them. You can have a beer while doing so.

You can now be proud of yourself. If you are an average INTA visitor then you have just achieved what you would have done at a brick-and-mortar INTA.

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