16 Good Reasons For Pursuing A Quick Patent Grant


This lesson’s slides are available here.

You certainly remember my earlier article about “How To Use LinkedIn For Finding Sixteen (16) Good Reasons For An Expedited Patent Grant” (click here).

Starting from there, I have recorded a screencast video that explains these reasons in greater detail, and is now the content of this lesson.

If you want to see how an accelerated patent grant works, please check out my course “EPO Acceleration Grant Procedure” course, click here: https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/course/epo-acceleration-grant-procedure/

We all know that it takes in average between three (3) and five (5) years after filing a European Patent application to get a granted EP patent.

But that long time does not need to be. If you invest an extra effort, this long time to grant can be brought down to less than a year.