Losing new enquiries often? Use a CRM system!

Losing new enquiries often? Use a CRM system!

What a CRM system can do for IP lawyers

According to my own experience, CRM is very useful for:

  • dealing with enquiries from potential new clients,
  • staying in contact with foreign associates before and after an IP lawyer convention, such as INTA, FICPI, AIPLA, etc.
  • sending newsletters to existing clients.

And that’s it. This may not look as being much but CRM is a tremendous help.

A useful CRM system will focus on the above mentioned three aspects that are important for IP lawyers.

Here are a few outcomes of using a CRM system for four years:

  • We could bring down our average response time for new enquiries to only 4 hours.
  • There is never an enquiry forgotten. We follow up new enquiries until we find out whether the potential new client wants our services or not.
  • We found out that we typically need five follow-ups after a first enquiry in order to obtain an actual order from a new client.
  • Our felt recognition value at large IP conventions has remarkably increased.

What do I need to know about CRM language? How does it look like in practice?

Before you can talk with CRM experts, learn their language.

Typical CRM jargon has only very few technical terms: lead, contact, account, opportunity, sales stage and  campaign.

I am using a CRM system that hase been tailored to the needs of an IP law firm and I have put an article online which explains these terms, here

You will there also find an overview video about the main functions of our CRM system.

And there is an entire video course about how to use our CRM system, here


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