The Useful Online IP Law Convention. It Becomes True Next Week

The Useful Online IP Law Convention. It Becomes True Next Week

Short intro: I have identified an online IP convention that is very promising. WIPF 2021 next week.

No more travel needed, a large variety of recorded talks by 400+ seasoned speakers (click here: Agenda 250421), and maximum freedom for everyone. For only US$ 170.00.

This is where I am coming from

You surely remember my earlier article about unsubscribing all paper law journals and replacing them by online news, here “Never Again Pay A Subscription Fee In Your Life Time“.

That article started with a dream. Today we do not subscribe to any law journal anymore. And I have no idea how that could work during a pandemic: five lawyers sharing one and the same paper law journal from their home offices?

And I had another dream, last year, during lockdown: how to improve INTA, after having had a bad experience at INTA 2020. The result is here

The most spectacular feature of the INTA 2020 were surely the virtual taxi rides, not supplied by INTA. I did not attend any one of the INTA talks. I had only very few INTA online meetings. And I have paid more than US$ 1,000 for that poor experience.

This year, life is going to be much better.

The WIPF organizers have listened.

And This is The Result

The “World IP Forum (WIPF) 2021” is starting from 26th April 2021, click here WIPF 2021 next week

The theme of the event is “Intellectual Property 2021: New Risks, New Challenges & Emerging Solutions”.

I am giving a talk on my current favorite topic: “Blockchain Technology in Innovation Financing”. It is all about how to align a new blockchain token with the development of a new product. Check out my presentation if you want to find out more, here Innovation Financing meets Blockchain 250421

You can either watch my presentation on 27th April at 20:25 Singapore time (Room 2) or watch its recorded version later, at your convenience. And this is the important feature why I am supporting the WIPF 2021 online convention: you can download and watch the talks offline when you have time for that.

Why This Convention Is So Special

The organizers of the WIPF 2021 provide the following features:

  • the speakers are mostly “normal” practitioners like you and me, and not some detached academics or bureaucrats that have no practical experience and insight at all. In fact, there are even 15 active or retired judges attending.
  • there are more than 400 speakers with 200 practice-related topics (click here: Agenda 250421)
  • each speaker has prepared a 15-minutes condensed pre-recorded video talk that come right to the point
  • you can download and watch the talks offline after they have been delivered
  • each talk comes with an individual ratingof the viewers, so you can save time just by skipping the bad talks

You can register for that event here

As a reader of my blog, you get a $50 discount by using our voucher code “SP50”.


I am recommending the premium registration for US$220 (before discount voucher code “SP50”) because this is the one that you need in order to watch the talks online after they have been delivered and to access the individual ratings of the talks by the earlier viewers. Moreover, this premium registration gives you access to online networking options on the WIPF platform. Register here: WIPF 2021

Now compare this: you pay US$170 after discount and you get all what you got from a traditional IP convention, but without the travel time and the travel costs which will cost you thousands of $$$.

If you want to meet me online, please connect with me on Linkedin (if we are not connected already):

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