My Eight Reasons To Wear The Same Outfit Every Day

My Eight Reasons To Wear The Same Outfit Every Day

This is how it started. When I became a patent attorney 23 years ago, I bought a custom-made suit in anthracite color. And some white long sleeve shirts. And a few ties in shouting red and yellow colors.

The pants of my suit wore out soon and so I got a new anthracite color suit, with two pants.

Then I bought some extra pants in anthracite color, without buying a jacket. What I had so far combined well with each other.

Then I started to buy black polo shirts. And black socks and underwear from bargain bins.

Then I got a custom-made Chinese style extra jacket in black silk. And a black V neck wool pullover.

This was how I began to intentionally wear the same black or anthracite outfit every day, together with a black leather belt that comes with a silver buckle. And with black leather shoes. And with chrome housing watches that come with a black leather wristband.

Over time I have changed my entire wardrobe to black, plus very few colorful things like blue jeans and checkered shirts. Or a dark blue blazer and some khaki pants. These colorful pieces come with two brown belts with brass buckles. A sports watch with a metal wrist band or a gold watch with a brown wristband goes well with them.

I also stopped wearing visible brands.

All of this made my life very easy.

I understand that it is not easy to get to that point. Most of us are trained to look for a new outfit every morning—I was no exception.

Just to cut this story short, nobody ever mentions anything about my simple style.

And that silence liberates me.

Eight Good Reasons to Wear the Same Outfit Every Day

Reason #1: Easier Decisions

Decisions determine our lives and whenever we are thinking about what to do next, every option drains us. While it might seem small, adopting a more universal, uniform outfit provides me with greater decision-making power for my day.


Reason #2: Once I found out what looks good on me, I have just repeated that.

Since I’ve adopted this minimalist lifestyle, I have looked for basics that work across situations. My most frequent outfit these days tends to be a nice-fitting black polo shirt and semi-casual black pants.


Reason #3: It Minimizes my wardrobe.

Minimalism is about focusing on what matters most. Over the years, I have learned to avoid replacing clothing items that I never use. I have centered on my most important items. My closet is smaller and neater than ever before. And when I look for something to wear, this is very easy. I can see my favorites immediately.


Reason #4: Embrace forever fashion.

It goes without saying, but I’ll choose quality over quantity any day. By adopting this mentality for clothing, I have evaluated what articles are most important to me. I focus on quality goods that can last years and, potentially, buy brands who can be repaired before I buy new. This applies in the first place to my shoes. Please check out my earlier article here


Reason #5: Easier laundry and more time.

Black clothes need less washing. That helps a lot, especially when traveling. It saves me a lot of time.

And if I need to wash something then it very seldom needs ironing. My pants and the polo shirts don’t have wrinkles after washing. And the normal shirts are made from iron free fabric. I just need to hang them on a hanger when the shirts are still humid from washing them, and the wrinkles will vanish overnight.

I found also out that there are special laundry soaps for black clothes. These soaps keep the black colors fresh and crisp.


Reason #6: Easier and faster Shopping

Shopping is a breeze. I just need to replace what breaks and cannot be repaired anymore. I have found a polo shirt manufacturer who sends me packages of five polo shorts in my size.


Reason #7: Easier Travelling

You may not believe it but my typical traveling bag weighs less than 10kg. I can travel with hand luggage only, so I don’t need to wait for my luggage when I arrive after a flight. That saves time and I am usually the first one in the taxi queue at the airport.


Reason #8: Weight Changes Don’t Require An Entire New Wardrobe

As you may know from my other posts here on my blog, I am an active athlete in lifting weights.

My body weight can go up and down by 10kg within a very short time, depending on my current goals and eating habits.

Black color is very forgiving when it comes to clothing. A weight change of 10kg would not require me to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I just need to replace what does not fit me at all, and that’s it.



There are various examples of famous people who’ve adopted a minimal wardrobe and there are good reasons why successful people are choosing to wear the same thing every day.

Steve Jobs might be the most iconic of them all. At presentations, conferences, and pressers, he could be seen wearing his black turtleneck, blue jeans, and circular eyeglasses. He was not successful because he had been wearing the same outfit at all these events, but for an exceptionally busy person, this was one less decision.

By wearing the same thing every day, I have realized what is most important to me. And I have discovered that it is not about the clothes I am wearing. It is about making my life easier by minimizing my wardrobe, by adopting a life uniform, and by consuming less. I found out what looks good on me and I also found out what clothes are most important to me.

I learned that finding my “look” took time, but realizing what I feel confident and comfortable in is empowering.

And if it works for me it may also work for you.


Martin “Simple” Schweiger


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