Neat and Fast: Send E-Books to Your Kindle Account via “Send to Kindle” App

Neat and Fast: Send E-Books to Your Kindle Account via “Send to Kindle” App

Reading your e-books and pdf documents on a Kindle has never been easier. I have reserved an entire section for reading e-books on Kindle in one of my overview articles on this website (click here).

Amazon has recently developed a “Send to Kindle” app that integrates into the operating system of your desktop PC or laptop.

This is how it works:

  1. You download your ebook as a pdf or as a .MOBI file to your desktop PC or laptop
  2. you have then 3 options to send your ebook to your Kindles account:
  • From Windows Explorer, simply right-click on this file and choose “Send to Kindle”.
  • From any Windows application that can print, select Print and choose “Send to Kindle”.
  • Drag and drop one or more documents onto the Send to Kindle application.

This is how the right-click on this file and choose “Send to Kindle”  option looks like:

The Kindle app will then open and show you the following menu screen:

You just select the Kindle to which you want to deliver that content and then press Send. That´s it.

What is important: tick the option “Archive document in your Kindle Library” and then your ebook will be saved into the Kindle Cloud. From there you can later download it to whatever Kindle device that you like.

The Windows explorer is also a neat way to send multiple documents to Kindle without opening them.

How to Install the Send to Kindle app On Your Computer

Download the Send to Kindle installer from here

After installation, the following message will appear on your screen:

Call to Action

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Then import your first pdf into the Kindle app (see above).

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Don`t wait. Start now.


Martin “ebook” Schweiger


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