Overview – Online Entertainment and Online Shopping

Overview – Online Entertainment and Online Shopping

This article is a collection of earlier articles on my website that can help with Online Entertainment and Online Shopping.


Online Photos

How To Fast Find And Use Royalty Free Photos


Online Movies

Find classic online movies in the original language with subtitles JustWatch.com

Here is a Free Youtube Downloading Program, Abelsoft Youtube Downloader

How to Save Time When Watching an Online Video

Burn a DVD with This Free Software


Podcast Transcripts



Find e-books and other publications online

Any Book Available For FREE b-ok.cc  (be careful to not download material that is still under copyright protection, some books there still are)

Scientific Articles And Books Online – Update January 2022 (click here)


Online Counterfeit Matters

Example: Online Anti-Counterfeiting In Practice

How to Find Out Whether a Website is a Scam. Fast.

How To Spot Fake Online Personalities On The Internet For FREE: Google Reverse Image Search

Online Content Evidence Secured The Easy Way – A FREE Program For Copying Entire Webpages: HTTrack


Amazon Kindle Articles

Amazon Kindle App now works for ALL ebook types

How To Clean Up Unwanted Content From Your Kindle Reader Account

Neat And Fast: Send E-Books To Your Kindle Account Via “Send To Kindle” App



Determining the Importance of Websites Alexa.com and checkpagerank.net

Use Online Betting Sites as a Business Decision Support Tool


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