Overview – Better Law Firm Marketing

Overview – Better Law Firm Marketing

In order to improve your firm’s marketing, I strongly recommend that you take the following courses on my webpage:

Check out the Marketing Department on my webpage, here https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/category/members-only-articles/marketing/

The Q&A Forum has one section where you can contribute your questions and answers, here https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/qa-forums/forum/marketing/

There is also a number of articles on specific marketing issues:

  • How To Spot The Email Address Of Almost Any Person (click here)
  • How to Become Visible as a Lawyer (click here)
  • What Makes A Good Business Card (click here)
  • Use Your Smartphone for Scanning Name Cards and for uploading them to the Camcard Online Database
  • How I Generated $50,000 In New Orders By Sending Out 1,000 Individual Messages (click here)
  • How To Write Better Messages: Court Submissions, Letters, Emails, Messenger Texts, Subject Lines, Google Ads, Etc. Etc.
  • Create SMS with a maximum length of 160 characters: https://www.charactercountonline.com/
  • Clubhouse – Yes, I Do Need A Social Audio Network (click here) and Clubhouse And Legal Marketing – A Campfire Combination (click here)
  • Checklist: How To Improve SEO And Readability With The Yoast Plug-In For WordPress (click here)
  • Audio And Video Test In My Office – A Comparison Of Microphones And Webcams (click here)
  • The Perfectly Sized Screencast Video In Camtasia – From Recording To Cutting And Production (click here)
  • Yes, You Need To Have A Personal Favicon! Here comes a FREE WordPress upgrade (click here)
  • Managing Legal Marketing – Hot Potato or High Performance Team? (click here)
  • How To Share A Youtube Video, Not From The Beginning, But Starting From Any Point Of Its Timeline (click here)



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