Overview – How to Improve Your Computer Work Abilities

Overview – How to Improve Your Computer Work Abilities

In the following, you find an overview of articles on my webpage that help you to improve your computer skills. This will help you to save a lot of time and effort.


Computer Translations

Google Chrome Quick Online Translations


Do a screenshot OCR

Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft Office Package

Microsoft Office 365 Online Training Course

Create Memes, Posters, Flyers, Brochures, e-Book covers, Invitations, and more


How to re-size a digital image: resizeimage.net

Retrieve Online Materials

Better Google Searches

Download Music and Videos

Personal Computer Maintenance

Free up disk space on your personal computer

Stop those annoying notification messages


Download Free Online Content

Online Books

Online Music and Videos: YSD, Online Video Converter


Test Website Performance

Two online test programs for testing the speed of your website

An Online Tool for Finding Broken Links on your Website

Use The Chrome Internet Browser On Your Desktop Computer For Viewing The Mobile Version Of Your Website


Data Security

Pick the right Internet passwords

Internet password Storage Program


Your Personal Database

Evernote: Save Search Time with Evernote Web Clipper and Over 100 Ways of Using it

Dropbox (coming soon)

Send smaller Emails

Use the URL shortener bit.ly


Online Communication

Organize an Online Phone Conference

Improve Your Shared Screen Online Presentations: How To Make Your Cursors Big And Red In Windows

Whatsapp: pair your smartphone with your desktop computer

The One Killer Trick That Makes Smartphone Instant Messenger Apps Work For You: Pair Them With Your Work Computer

Synchronize International Online Meetings in Time

Organize a Good Web Conference

Deactivate that Outlook option “Send immediately when connected”

Convert File Formats


.mov (iPhone) to .mp4: HD Video Converter Factory https://www.videoconverterfactory.com/

Convert Weird Video File Formats To .MP4 – ‘Handbrake’ Open Source Video Transcoder


Working with Digital Images

Converting a Gray-Scale Computer Image into a clean Black & White Line Drawing: Microsoft Paint and Fotosketcher

The Perfectly Sized Screencast Video In Camtasia – From Recording To Cutting And Production: click here



Switch Windows Notifications Off

My Most Used Windows Gadget: The Snipping Tool

Pareto Principle Meeting Microsoft Windows. Learn 6 New Keyboard Shortcuts And Improve Your Work Speed By 16%

Helpful File Explorer Extension In Windows 10: Add The “Undo For Dummies” Button

Test Internet Speed WiFiman.com

Audio And Video Test In My Office – A Comparison Of Microphones And Webcams

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