Pain of The Elderly? Try Out This Simple Solution

Pain of The Elderly? Try Out This Simple Solution

I usually do not advertise for specific brands but I have here something that deserves your attention, especially if you are older than 45 years old. This product is a helper for all sorts of body pains that come and go.

It is the Urah cream, made in Singapore and nowhere else available, here:

How the Urah Cream Helps Me

I have recently (in the year 2023) turned 58 years old and what I can say is that the Urah cream helped me to prepare for the Asian championships in Powerlifting 2022 that took place two months ago, in Dubai. As a result of the continuous and consistent preparation, I won the Gold medal by squatting 210kg, and the Silver medal in the entire competition. I am an Asian champion in Powerlifting since 2018. And I hold four national records in my home country Singapore. And before Covid-19, I was world rank list no. 4.

Here is the certificate and the competition photo of my Gold lift in Dubai, December 2022:

These successes would never have been possible without the Urah cream. Competing at an international level requires three training days per week, which is Monday, Thursday, and Saturday in my case. I have severe pain in my knees and elbows during the resting days between the training days, and the Urah cream makes these pains just go away. I use up about one tube of Urah cream every two weeks on my knees and elbows, and I must say that this Urah cream works like a miracle for me.


How the Urah Cream Helped my late Father

My late father suffered from long-term knee pain, because of arthritis. By using the Urah cream, he could delay a knee replacement by as many as 5 years.

And I know many other examples of the positive effects of the Urah cream because I am recommending it to all the people around me.


How To Use the Urah Cream

When you start using the Urah cream, the best is to start with any one of the in total seven available options.

Rub a small amount of the Urah cream several times daily into the areas of your skin where your body currently hurts the most. If one version of Urah cream does not work then try the next one once you have used up the first one or two tubes. Whether the pain disappears or not, your body needs some time to build up a sufficient glucosamine level in the blood: keep on rubbing! The pain should start to disappear while you are using the third tube. From then onwards, use one tube per month, or so. I have open tubes of Urah cream at all places in my house where I use to sit down. When I see that tube of Urah cream while I am seated, I take it and rub some Urah cream on my knees or on my elbows.

Urah cream does not provide a hot or cooling sensation on the skin; it has no odor or smell and no sticky feeling after applying it. It just feels smooth and natural on my skin.

If it works for me, why should it not work for you?


What is the “Pain of the Elderly”

This is a fact: almost nobody can escape from the “pain of the elderly” disease.

I do not remember when it was exactly but it was probably around the age of 45 when my body started to have pain in all sorts of places. What started small is now a bigger problem for me.

What I can say is that the pain of the elderly is a worldwide phenomenon.

There is a name for “pain of the elderly” in every language of this world. In the French language, it is “Tamalou”, a shortened form of “Tu as mal où?”, meaning “where does it hurt?”. And if you can overhear a talk between elderly people you can hear that they often talk about their little pains.

in the Portuguese language, it could be “dor de quem viveu muito” which roughly translates to “pain of those who have lived a lot.” This phrasing adds a bit of sarcastic humor which is so typical for Brazilians by suggesting that the pain is a result of a life lived intensively, rather than just a natural part of aging.

In the Chinese language, there is the expression “耄耋痛” (mào dié tòng). It combines the characters for “elderly” (耄耋, mào dié) with the character for “pain” (痛, tòng). The term “耄耋” is a humorous way to refer to the elderly, as it is an old-fashioned term that is not commonly used in modern Chinese. By using this term, the phrase “pain of the elderly” becomes a playful and somehow lighthearted way to refer to the pain experienced by older people.

In other words: we should not take the pain of the elderly too seriously. It should not distract you from regular sports training.

As far as I am concerned, I am ignoring it successfully by using the Urah cream and by lifting heavy weights three times per week.


How The Urah Cream Works

I am not sure how it works, but what I can say is that the Urah cream does work. A friend of mine is a veterinarian who works professionally with horses. She ran an experiment with old horses and she could measure the increased glucosamine level in the blood of these horses. Not in all of them but in most of them. And the increased glucosamine level went back to normal after she stopped applying the Urah cream. The old horses could walk more easily after applying the Urah cream for weeks.

Many do not believe in Glucosamine because it is not effective when taken orally in the form of pills. But I have proven that the Urah technology is able to deliver Glucosamine effectively into the bloodstream of animals such as horses. If it works with horses then why not with humans?

What the Urah company told me was that they encapsulate the glucosamine a Urah proprietary biosurfactant and that allows the glucosamine to travel through the many layers of the skin without any side effects.

In very short words, the glucosamine particles are wrapped with an oily micell, and that makes them permeable for the skin to a degree that the glucosamine even ends up in the blood vessels. The body uses that glucosamine to rebuild tissue where it was earlier damaged, for example, because of inflammation. It is believed that this is how the body pain vanishes after applying Urah cream.

Actually, I do not care how it works. If it works for me – and it does – I am very happy.

What goes without saying is that I train weights lifting three times per week. Without that, my health would be much worse. The important insight here is that it is not the heavy training that causes my Pain of the Elderly but my age. It would not help if I stopped training, in the hope of the Pain of the Elderly just go away. That is not how things work.

And the video below shows what that looks like in practice:



You can order the Urah cream here

The Urah company will send the creams to you, wherever you live in this world.

And for the sake of good order, I just wanted to let you know that I do not get any commission for that recommendation. I do this because I believe that this news must be shared for others to benefit from it.


Martin “Aging Pain” Schweiger

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