Patent Attorney Marketing 101: How to Produce Good Video Content (almost) for FREE

Patent Attorney Marketing 101: How to Produce Good Video Content (almost) for FREE

These are the basic rules for patent attorney marketing:

  • no (paid) advertising campaigns
  • no (paid) public relations campaigns
  • only direct response marketing and
  • only network marketing.

I have explained that in my Marketing & Sales Boot Camp, here, and I repeat myself often.

One form of direct response marketing is to record a video about a topic that you are excited about and to put it on social media, for example of Facebook or LinkedIn.

The easiest way to do that is to record one of your talks or public speeches. We all are every now and then invited to give a talk, right?

You have no excuse then.

Equipment Needed

All that you need is your smartphone that you hold in your hand.

I have started with a smartphone that I held in my hand but today I am using a Sony Voice Recorder with a lapel microphone, available here, and a simple smartphone tripod, available here.

I like a tripod with flexible legs. A tripod with flexible legs is an invitation for my creativity because I can wrap the legs around a post, or bend the legs to hooks that can be attached to a drawing board or elsewhere.

And I am still using my Samsung S7 smartphone for recording the video.

This is how my simple recording equipment looks like:


How to Cut and Produce a Video Presentation

Both the video from the smartphone and the audio from the Sony recorder can be exported to your computer via USB interface, and you can cut and edit them with the FREE online video editor ScreenCast-O-Matic, here The good thing with ScreenCast-O-Matic is that you can also include your PowerPoint slides into your video presentation.

And don`t forget to put your slides online on SlideShare, as explained here

Where to Publish your Video Presentation

Then publish your video presentation on Youtube and multiply it to an article on LinkedIn, and once you have published a lot of articles on LinkedIn – over 50 articles – then start your own webpage.

An example of a short talk that I have recorded last week at the World IP Forum 2019 in Taiwan is here


And my slides on SlideShare are here Know your customer – How QR and blockchain technology makes our lives safer and easier

Call To Action

Take out your smartphone and record your first video about a problem that you have recently solved.

Then use ScreenCats-O-Matic for cutting the video.

Then upload the final video to Youtube and multiply it to LinkedIn.

Then send me a message on LinkedIn with a link to your video.

Don´t wait, do it NOW.


Martin “Video” Schweiger


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