Patents in Pre-Fab Construction (Public Talk)

Patents in Pre-Fab Construction (Public Talk)

This is a talk that I have given @ 8th Annual Modular & Prefabrication Construction Meet, 24 -25 July 2019, at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Singapore.

These are the topics that I have covered in this talk:

  • Patent Attorneys vs. General Lawyers
  • Patents – A Shield, a Sword and a Magic Toy in One Single Tool
  • Dealbreakers or Dealmakers – Patent Protection in a Price- and Time-Competitive Industry
  • Yes, there are Patents for Old Ideas – Why Patent Infringements are Non-Linear 3D Problems
  • Industry Standards vs. Patents – Who should own Ideas that govern an Entire Industry

And here come my slides, for download Precast Concrete Conference 07 2019 290619

And here is my recorded talk



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