Three Simple Steps for Accelerating Your Singapore Government Grant Request

Three Simple Steps for Accelerating Your Singapore Government Grant Request

So you have filed a request for Government funding in Singapore: either a grant or a subsidy.

One thing is sure: that was as easy as a piece of cake. Right? That was so easy because all government funding requests are now consolidated.

Read this very recent article if you want to tap into Government funding:

This is really easy.

Next step is to get your request for Government funding through. That will likely involve some communication with the Government officer who is in charge of your request.


Step 1: First Hurdle Made, Receipt Received

After filing your government funding request, You will soon receive an email like that:

Going on from here follows a two-pronged approach.

Step 2: Trigger a Status Update of Your Request

You have to wait for feedback from the Government.

If nothing happens for 3 months then you can file a status enquiry, here:

Filing this official form will trigger a status update:

As a result, you will receive a short receipt email as shown below.


Now you are in business. You have the name of your formalities officer in charge. This is what you need for step 3.

Well done!


Step 3: Contact an SME Centre

The Government is really there to help you!

Contact the SME Centres, here

This will give you an extra boost: provide the SME center people with the same information and ask them to follow up with ESG on their end.

I recommend the following two SME Centre officers:

Mr. Dale Arozoo
Mr. Jonathan Chen



Now you know everything about getting Government funding for your business in Singapore.

I wish you good luck with your new venture!

And please think about us when you have questions with respect to Intellectual Property (IP).


Martin “Patents” Schweiger


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