Podcast with Steve Weinrieb – The Mechanical Patent Attorney

Podcast with Steve Weinrieb – The Mechanical Patent Attorney

I had the opportunity to have a 38 minutes long phone discussion with Steve Weinrieb.

Steve is one of the dyed-in-the-wool longtime US patent practitioners, with today 50 years practice in the area of patents.

Steve gave me a lot of insights into his practice.

He also released his e-book “Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution in the United States” for publication on my webpage.

Here comes the podcast:

Show notes

  • How Steve got into the area of patents [00:55]
  • Was the area of patents infringement always as trendy as it is today? [05:15]
  • When you look back at 50 years in the patent profession, what were the good decisions that you have made? What would you recommend to a Newbie who wants to start in the patent profession today? [06:00]
  • Steve on drafting good patent claims [10:20]
  • When did you start to write your book and why? [12:30]
  • How to not draft a patent application? [16:00]
  • How to draft a good patent application [17:45]
  • Do you recommend a certain sequence for drafting the various parts of the patent application? [21:45]
  • Why is it better than other sequences? [23:00]
  • Advantages and Obviousness [24:55]
  • Why a comprehensive patent specification is important during examination [27:00]
  • Steve about Obviousness and Inventive Step at the USPTO [30:50]

Here are the two patent documents that Steve mentions at minute [07:35] of the podcast:

135-019-1 – 2013-12-26 – USPP 20130340819

135-019-1 – 2016-12-13 – US 9520515

Steve’s book is here


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