Public Talk At Nanyang Technological University Singapore: Personality & Innovation KPIs

Public Talk At Nanyang Technological University Singapore: Personality & Innovation KPIs

Understand how psychology affects your success as an innovator who works for a company

Have you ever wondered why some people naturally thrive as innovators?

While others run never create anything, despite having an engineering degree?

Usually, it’s not about their education. It’s also not about their compensation and whether they live and work in specific countries or regions of this world.

These things matter, but sometimes not as much as the hidden aspects most people don’t pay attention to.

I’m talking about personality —how you are wired, and the instinctive mindset that innovators have.

Because who you are affects how you think, act and run your technical developments. 

All else being equal, your fundamental psychology is the difference between your success and failure as an innovator.

And with the innovation thrive or fail their companies.


Introducing The 4×4 Innovation Effectuator concept

I am currently writing a new book, titled The 4×4 Innovation Effectuator.

It is based on my experience with successful innovation in companies that I have seen and worked for during the past 30 years in the patent attorney profession, plus my studies in Clinical Psychology.

My conclusion is that you cannot easily learn how to become an innovator. As in many other aspects of life, being successful as an innovator is difficult. But while I do not think that each and everyone can learn to be a successful innovator, I do know that many carry the seed for entrepreneurship within themselves.

This is why I have given the present talk about this subject.

In my talk at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, I am outlining the various aspects that will be further elaborated in detail in my book to come. Here is the recording:

Please note: the recording quality is not 100%, the audio is only 60% of what it could be. But it is clear, without any echo. Please forgive me for that.

The slides for the talk can be found on SlideShare (click here) or you can download them here: NTU Talk 04 2022 pub 050422

The information about my 4×4 Innovation Effectuator book will soon be found here:×4-innovation-effectuator/


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