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Archer denies allegations of theft of trade secrets and patent infringement by Wisk

Breach of confidentiality is all over the place, a very recent case is here


What to do?

And the culprits never go to jail. Here is a crackpot making headline for being pardoned by President Donald Trump from serving a jail term for stealing trade secrets from his former employer: https://techcrunch.com/2021/01/19/former-google-engineer-anthony-levandowski-among-list-of-last-minute-trump-pardons/

I have in my entire 28 years of practice in the area of IP not seen even one single case where a breach of confidentiality has led to any noteworthy compensation of the damaged party.

And I have seen a lot of cases of breach of confidentiality. Two of them went to the Munich Appeal Court (one below the German Federal Court of Justice, the highest German court), and both times the plaintiff has lost.

So what is it that we learn from that?

Protect your stuff by a patent application as early as possible, or produce a Defensive Publication for it. My website shows you how to do that with a minimum effort and low costs.

And my free book “The 4x4 Innovation Strategy” describes that in simple layman language.