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Autoresponder Advertising Course - Gary North

Take a 100-year-old book, adapt it to suit the modern times and that is a stroke of genius!

As Jay Abraham says, “Applying old things in new ways is a breakthrough”. This course by Gary North based on the book “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins is indeed an breakthrough for modern times.

Advertising is salesmanship in print. No one can put it any better.

The only goal of advertising is to create sales. Understand that the customers are selfish so offer them a service.

Your newsletters/emails should have an attractive headline/subject line to immediately capture your target audiences and spare no details in representing your product with specific claims/benefits (USP). It should have personalized content with focussed positive advertising with an intent to create a personal identifiable image for you and the product.

Understand your landscape where you plan to lay siege and remember that you cannot afford to educate uninformed customers to change their mind. Test all your campaigns and track the returns. Offering valuable free samples impresses your potential clients and is way to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Reason-why advertising is a time-tested strategy and pray that it is yours and not your competitors.

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