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Blockchain Technology Meets 4×4 Innovation Financing

This video (https://ip-lawyer-tools.com/public-talk-blockchain-technology-meets-4x4-innovation-financing/) make me curious, because we are looking for financing for our project.

If a 10 million dollar waste project can be financed with that, why not our pillow factory?

How to get clients involved (i.e. how ordinary clients can finance our project)? They might want our product but they don't understand about blockchain?

Do you have to go the (expensive) detour via institutions (banks, brokers) again?

yes, you can also finance your pillow factory with a blockchain token. You have to create a blockchain token and then start selling it.
My son creates a token with me within 10 minutes and if we publish it (we only used test network) with a smart contract, it will cost us only a few hundred USD (depending on the daily “rate”). But tha ... [read more]
please wait for my next talk about Blockchain Technology and Innovation Financing. That talk will show a timeline for the individual expenditures and deliverables. As always: if something sounds too g ... [read more]