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Book Review: 80/20 – Sales & Marketing – Perry Marshall

80/20 rule or Pareto Principle - Created by Joseph Juran and named after Vilfredo Pareto, Perry Marshall has created this masterpiece inspired by Robert Koch’s book about this principle’s application in business.

Very few books manage to live up to what it claims and this one does - If you understand both math and business then this book definitely gets your blood pumping.

If you know basic math and are into business, then this book will tickle your senses to gain more by doing less. The author sensibly articulates the fact that – “Everyone who makes more than $30 per hour should have a Personal Assistant”.

This principle applies to almost everything – almost! Hiring and firing is definitely not one in my view.

Cherry on the Cake – Chapter 21 – Guest written by Glenn Livingston shows you how to easily conduct a market study for your product using social media, adwords and using 80/20 principle to achieve success.

In short, if you read this book and do not improve your marketing & sales skills by 80% then you are part of the 20%.