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Book Review: Getting Everything You Can Get Out of All You’ve Got – Jay Abraham

This is one of the densest books loaded with tons of examples which kindles your mind to apply the principles to your own situation. This is a self-help book that lets you learn from examples.

Jay Abraham consolidates the strategies to out-perform competition in 21 simple ways and sets them on the stage with ample case studies that lets the readers’ imagination run wild with ideas for their own business. Though the book states the basics of marketing, the way it has been delivered would appeal to a wide audience.

Identify the unfulfilled needs in your industry, learn the only “three ways to increase your business” and always test your plans with a small sample. Ruthlessly implement “Referral Marketing” and understand the nitty-gritties of “Triangulation” then success is inevitable if you put your client’s interest before yours’ (“Strategy of Preeminence”).

Never keep all the eggs in one basket - Don’t ever stop with on trick even if it gives you tremendous results. Always apply several methods to multiply your business.