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Book Review: Realities in Advertising

180 Million Samples. 20 years. 275 locations. Billions of Dollars. One objective – To find the Science behind the Art of Advertising. Is advertising an Art or Science?


Rosser Reeves has written this book based on one of the biggest researches, till date, conducted to learn about advertising. No other book could condense the essence of a research of such a huge magnitude into so few pages.


If you like to learn from case histories, understand by examples and live by the quotes of great men then you will not be disappointed. This book has a plenty of all of them!


Only shortfall of this book and, understandably, the research is that it covers only excessively big advertising campaigns. It is humanly impossible to for a research of this magnitude to cover campaigns of all sizes.


Two key factors to focus on while advertising are to increase your “Penetration – The number of people who remember your advertisement” and “Usage Pull – Number of customers pulled over by your advertisement”.


USP is the key. Have a unique benefit strong enough to pull millions.


If you take “The Principle of Dispersion” through “The Three Big Roads To Rome” by avoiding “The Good and The Awful” while aware that there is “No More Room In The Box” you will be definitely be successful.