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Book Review: The Secret of Selling Anything

Most salespeople build their career struggling hard and fighting uphill trying to close a deal because of the myths/fallacies that they believe in. This book is a cheat code to become a successful salesperson by breaking these myths/fallacies.

Like many books, this one also claims to be small. It could have been smaller. Much smaller. In fact, the last two chapters summarizes the entire book perfectly. However, Harry Browne could not have been successful salesperson if he had done one thing just one time. His success was finding a success formula and repeating it.

Unlike many other books, this was written by a successful salesperson to make you one.

If you discover a prospect’s motivation, summarize it to them, present your product to meet their motivation and answer any of their questions then the closure of a sale happens automatically.

The author from his experience suggests what is common sense - Always respect your prospects, be honest, have no fear and most of all listen – agree – suggest!

If you are starting your career as salesperson or a struggling experienced salesperson and willing unlearn and learn that people by happiness, then this is a must-read book.