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Book Review: The Do-It-Yourself Yellow Pages Ad Manual 23 Steps to Turn a Small Business into a Much Larger One in 23 Months - Gary North

This was one of the books recommended by my boss to bring me up to speed on topics related to marketing. Initially, I was a bit skeptical how an old book written in early 2000s could be relevant to current day marketing. Boy, I was wrong!

Though this book talks about creating and advertising on yellow pages (now an almost extinct media), Mr. North has clearly mentioned things in the book most of which are relevant even to this day - a foresight and an emphasis on that fact that some basics things (foundations) can never change with time.

There are no comparable books that I have read so far and would recommend this one as a start for any marketing beginner.  Even if only half of the 23 steps mentioned in this book are followed religiously, there could be a significant impact on the RoI and audience reach.

An update on this book by the author to address the current day issues would be a valuable asset to modern marketers.

Three key takeaways from this book which are also right the first steps: Measure the lifetime value of your customer, A/B split test your advertisements, and prepare your USP. Always remember to be emotional to your customers’ requirements and not rational, your face value means more to a customer than the company, and be responsive to customer's need.

You can download the book here