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Collective Mark Needed?

Whenever you are not using the mark yourself but your license, then you also need to check whether you need a so-called "collective mark" or a "certification mark".

With its ruling of December 12, 2019 (C-143/19 P), the ECJ overturned the ECJ's ruling on the “Green Dot”. The CFI wrongly declared the collective figurative mark for the “Green Dot” for all registered goods, with the exception of packaging, to be lapsed.

In 1996, the plaintiff had applied for the “Green Dot” or the corresponding symbol with the EUIPO as a Union collective mark. As a result, the company issued licenses for the brand to third parties to ... [read more]
There are also Certification marks. They are signs which seek to certify certain characteristics of the goods and services (for example, their quality). Check out this: https://euipo.europa.eu/ohimpor ... [read more]